July 2019 - currently


Fix-term contract in BBF Manchester. I worked as 2d (Toon Boom Harmony) character animator on two TV series for Netflix and Universal Kids.



October 2018

Strong Independent Space Release

My fifth short animation have a pre-release screening in PISF Polish Film Institute and there are just a few steps before possibility to watch it on some future animation festivals. For example on the Warsaw Film Festival 2018.

Strong Independent Space

Animation was realised in FUMI Studio. Art Supervisior was Piotr Dumała.


December 2017

Łódź Film School Graduation

Final graduation in Łódź National Film School with my Short Independent Space. I've got A+ and for now I can use Master of Art title. But thats is too much for me. Damian is okay.


2016 - March 2019

FUMI Studio working

In 2016 I officialy moved to Warsaw and begin cooperation with FUMI Studio. Below some of my projects I was working on. All of those was created by using Toon Boom Animate, Storyboard Pro and TVPaint software.

Historyjek na tropie

Historyjek na tropie (s01)

storyboard artist



animation 2d

Galaxi Taxi

Galaxi Taxi

animation 2d



Acid Rain animation

I'm working with Tomek Popakul in his short animation Acid Rain, as 2d animator. Mostly fume, fire and water/rain 2d animations. Movie was produced by Animoon Studio.

A Day in Life of Marlon Bundo trailer

My first project released with american company MaGiK World Animation. It was animation 2d, with full color painting, and a lot of details and textures. Trailer was presented by John Oliver in Last Week Tonight. The book was also promoted by Ellen DeGeneres in The Ellen Show.



Metro animation

I'm helping Natalia Krawczuk to animate some scenes from her short animation Metro. Produced by WJTeam.



Carrot Field 2d artist

I working as 2d character artist in Carrot Field directed by Kacper Zamarło and produced by XANF post-production studio.


September 2015

Helium Release

I finished my fourth film school movie titled Helium. My first project made in 2d animation and with lip-sync dialogues. Very simple, but so funny for an audience. Short won a couple of animations awards. Art Supervisiors were Piotr Dumała and Piotr Milczarek.




Larp 3d animation

A few 3d effects and animation of firefly in Larp directed by Konrad Kądziela.

Lekcja francuskiego

Actually it's a kind of fun fact about me. This year I've played supporting role in Lekcja francuskiego directed by Alicia Devaux. And I was speaking French with no idea what I'm speaking about.


September 2014

The Subtenant release

I released my third movie The Subtenant. Animation was made in 3d with using 2d animated textures. There were also a lot of experimental stop-motion animation under the camera and composited with 3d picture.

The Subtenant

Art Supervisiors were Krzysztof Rynkiewicz, Kacper Zamarło and Mariusz Wilczyński.


September 2013

Farewells release

I released my second movie Farawells in 3d area and hand-painted textures. For first time in color. Art Supervisiors were Henryk Ryszka and Aleksandra Chrapowicka.


September 2012

The Lamppost release

Finally I've finished 1-minute short animation The Lamppost as freshman in Łódź Film School. Completely in 3d, with all models, rigs and animations. Textures was draw in real and scanned to the film. I was so proud. Art Supervisiors were Piotr Dumała, Marek Skrobecki and Piotr Milczarek.


October 2011

Łódź Film School studies!!!

After 1-week exams, I had been admitted to Łódź National Film School on the Animation Films And Film Special Effects department. My adventure was begin!


I have to admit I'm really surprise, that you have read all this section. In this case I hope that all my work means something, and I'd interested you, and maybe we could work in the future toghether. If you want...?

Please, contact with me, if you have some interesting offerts. You can write to my e-mail adress you can find below of this page. Thanks!

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