Damian Krakowiak

I was born in 1992. In 2017 I graduated Polish Film School in Łódź on Animation department and realized 5 short animations. Since 2017 working as 2D/3D animator in Warsaw. Most of my animations are about live, nostalgic and ordinary human problems.

In the picture I can see

So hello mystery YOU, who travel so far on the internet and end up right here. I see you want to know something more about myself. My name is Damian and I'm from Poland. For a lot of people beyond my country my name it's kind of hard to pronounce - mostly for a Starbucks stuff. I have no idea why.

So you can call me Damien (like in Omen movie), Damiano, Dimond, Demon (Starbucks too). And all of those guys since youth are very fall in love with making movies. Like, from the beginning of universe...

For sure most of my projects was born from listening music. So if you'll see me without a headphones putted on my head - just know, that something wrong are happening right now.

You can find a lot of quick draws and pics on my schetch pads, notebooks, desk - even on my fridge. Huge part of them became a movie in some part of my life.

Why animate?

Once upon a time, my mom suddenly came to my room at 3 a.m. and was so angry I'm actually playing The Sims series and recording movies in. And then she said: "Maybe, if you like making stories in game, then you should go to the Film School, huh?!". She wasn't serious - maybe me too, because I went to the exams 2 years later. And fortunately passed.

The Sims 2

Which animation?

As a freshman in Film School I was so sure I will be making movies only in 3d, and post-production too. I’ve putten much effort into learning the programs, creating all the models, scenography, characters, rigs, weight-tools and every possible thing by myself. After 3 years of making movies this way, I decided to try 2d animation, and fell in love with it!

From that time, I prefer traditional animation with 3d assecuration. It's looks easy on the eye and I have really a lot of fun by making it. Specially in effects animating - like fume, explosions, fire or water. And 3d to help me with a camera, my second love in making films. I've done a lot of projects and different kind of animations and I hope there are many more to come in the future.

How animate?

Within all my study and jobs after it, I've worked in a lot of animation softwares I could find there. TVPaint, Toon Boom Animate, Cinema4D, Storyboard Pro are my favourite ones. I don't affraid to learn something new and different, cause I know that all of those programs was made just for helping us to do our work - not for disrupt it.


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